Why did Walmart, a company that employs more than 2 million people, choose Workplace by Facebook as its enterprise collaboration platform?

Less E-mail is a good thing

I used to spend 40-50% of my time reading and writing e-mail so any measure to reduce that time is a great ROI for the company I work for.

I plan events, discuss in groups and chat with friends on Facebook in my personal life. It feels wrong to spend so much time doing the same thing over e-mail when I am at work.

That is why I believe Workplace by Facebook is …

Internal communications


Prepp is pleased to announce that we are a Workplace by Facebook partner!

We started building Prepp as broadcast Chatbot in October 2016 for Hafslund Marked AS, a Norwegian Workplace by Facebook customer that had been using Workplace since spring 2016.

After working on Prepp for several months we tried to integrate Prepp so our customer could start using it. It did NOT go as planned.. We had not taken into consideration that Workplace had not opened up their API`s for integration partners. Basically, we had built a solution, but it was worthless.

At first, we were quite nervous, …

Internal communications