6 insights you need to know about chatbots in Workplace from Facebook

By: Amin Fard

Since the start of Workplace from Facebook in 2017 Prepp has made it easy to create chatbots that delight employees. Based on over 100 chatbots implemented and 4 million messages sent to over 200.000 employees, we have learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to chatbots for Workplace from Facebook!


Insight 1: Frequently asked questions chatbot:

The holy grail of chatbots! Save time for management and employees by reducing time spent on answering the same questions to employees over and over again! Just ask the chatbot and it will give the answer.

Sorry for being a party pooper, but it is not that easy. First of all, employees do not know the chatbots exist!! "What was the chatbot called? Where do I find it?" If they do find it and start to ask questions - the chatbot rarely knows the answer. Do not build a conversational chatbot unless you have a very specific use case in mind. Make sure that the employees find the chatbot when they need it, and most importantly; you need to invest time writing in all the answers you want the chatbot to reply with. And constantly add more content as you go.


Insight 2: Chatbots that integrate with other software:

Sounds smart, and it is. We expect chatbots to reduce the problem of having so many apps and software in your company so employees do not need to work in several systems all the time. Need a task in Workday to be filled in? Just type it into the Workday chatbot in Workplace. Even better, the chatbot asks the employee in WorkChat proactively and the employee answers to the chatbot. The chatbot fills out a reply in Workday without logging into Workday.

But, the world is not ready for it yet based on our experience. Very few software companies are built "API first". The software solutions still need a year or two to build stronger API`s so interfaces between solutions can get stronger.


Insight 3: We can create our own chatbots

Maybe you are an IT person yourself reading this, so please stop reading if you have a big ego.

I have not seen nonsoftware companies building chatbots in-house with success unless it has a very specific purpose or is business-critical. I have talked with 20+ companies that have tried and failed. Please challenge me on this, but internal IT people rarely have the capability to build a software solution that is user-friendly or updated on a regular basis to keep track of the latest developments.


Insight 4: Chatbots instead of paper forms

It is actually an amazing use case if your employees are spending a lot of time on forms.
There are companies in the insurance sector that have gone from paper-based forms to employees taking pictures and sending it to chatbots where AI auto-fills the form and sends it digitally - thousands of hours are saved.


Insight 5: Broadcast chatbots:

Let’s face it, getting a large group of employees on the same page when it comes to important information is a pain. Especially the front line workers that meet with the customers and represent the brand on a daily basis. New products, marketing, sales pitch - alignment on communication is key for success.

Email open rates or low. Emails are boring and often not relevant. E-mails are a long read for today's generation. Workplace is great, but not all posts in Workplace from Facebook are read by employees when they scroll down their newsfeed or if they do not check-in very often. Messages in chat are read because it is less time consuming and you actually get a message that you can read at any time. But remember, for broadcast chatbots to work, you need chat adoption to be at a certain level.


Insight 6: Onboarding chatbots:

25% of all company turnover happens first 12 months? For hourly employees, it is 50% in the first 120 days. According to Society for Human Resource Management(SHRM), onboarding is key for employee retention. If you think about the cost of hiring a new employee - there is a huge potential for improving retention and employee engagement. Chatbots can automate and bring the onboarding checklists to life, making the transition into the company easier.

Research tells us that managers are the key role, but they do not have time. With onboarding chatbots, you can make life easier for new hires and save time for HR and managers. For example, having the chatbot ask the new hire to introduce themself in Workplace from Facebook to kickstart the socialization process. What we learned is that chatbots are great for nudging and coaching managers into becoming better at onboarding. But do not forget, you need to have a proper pre-boarding phase as well. What to do when new hires do not have access to Workplace?


Interested in learning more?

Book a 15-minute call with me here: https://app.hubspot.com/meetings/amin to learn how you can get started with chatbots :-)

Walmart and Workplace by Facebook

Why did Walmart, a company that employs more than 2 million people, choose Workplace by Facebook as its enterprise collaboration platform?

Less E-mail is a good thing

I used to spend 40-50% of my time reading and writing e-mail so any measure to reduce that time is a great ROI for the company I work for.

I plan events, discuss in groups and chat with friends on Facebook in my personal life. It feels wrong to spend so much time doing the same thing over e-mail when I am at work.

That is why I believe Workplace by Facebook is the one Enterprise Social Network people adapt to quicker than any platform in the market. It works from day one and makes people more productive.

Big companies can become more like startups

Why did Walmart Choose Workplace by Facebook?

I am not saying it will instantly happen. Or that they will become as agile as small startups.

But as DNB, Norway's biggest bank stated; it makes them flatter and smaller.

Everyone in the company gets a voice and good ideas are spread faster across silos, from employees to management and from management to employees.

Another great example of this is a quote from the Starbucks new CEO Kevin Johnson in their annual shareholder's meeting:

"About a month ago, a store manager posted on Workplace. He posted a post that said that they are selling more than 20 beverages a day that is not on our official beverage menu. These beverages were featured on Instagram and they’re selling 20 a day of a beverage that they [don’t] truly have the right recipe [for]. Well, within a 24-hour period, nearly 40 other store managers also posted and said that they were selling 15-30 of these a day.
The same evening, our category marketing team saw the volume of the post and how much this beverage, featured on Instagram, was selling in our stores. They made a decision and posted back to store managers by the next morning that they had decided to add this to the official beverage menu. Something that could have taken weeks, if not months before Workplace implementation, happened in one day. It is creating visibility with our store managers and it is enabling us to have more velocity in the way we make decisions, so we can better serve our store managers and our partners in the stores."


If Starbucks can work as a startup - you can too!

???? and ???? @ work?

By re-entering digital feelings and appreciation like emoticons and thumbs up button to the company vocabulary we can all become happier and more productive at work.

All humans, not just millennials, get a jolt of joy when someone gives positive feelings to us. This creates a repository circle.

Do you know how satisfying it is for employees to get a much-needed thumbs up from their co-workers, managers, and CEO for doing great work?

More than salary or status we want to feel connected and appreciated at work.

I talk to Workplace users on a daily basis and the feedback I get is that people are more engaged and happy at work than ever before by having Workplace by Facebook for the company.

Why you should choose Workplace by Facebook:

Workplace is still young in the enterprise market, but I cannot see how the competitors can compete against THE SOCIAL NETWORK:

  • The struggle of getting big enterprises to change habits and adopt new internal comms platforms is real. Workplace by Facebook just works. For everyone. Instantly.
  • There are 2 billion active users that are familiar with Facebook and all of them are constantly giving feedback to the 20.000 people working in making Facebook better every day.
  • E-mail was invented in 1960. Facebook was invented in 2004. Just like E-mail was better than FAX and sending actual letters, Workplace by Facebook makes us more efficient and productive.
  • Gives tons of untapped ROI for the company with the and. Keeping employees happy that will lead to satisfied customers resulting in higher ROI for the company.

Prepp ❤️ Workplace by Facebook


Prepp is pleased to announce that we are a Workplace by Facebook partner!

We started building Prepp as broadcast Chatbot in October 2016 for Hafslund Marked AS, a Norwegian Workplace by Facebook customer that had been using Workplace since spring 2016.

After working on Prepp for several months we tried to integrate Prepp so our customer could start using it. It did NOT go as planned.. We had not taken into consideration that Workplace had not opened up their API`s for integration partners. Basically, we had built a solution, but it was worthless.

At first, we were quite nervous, but during the Facebook development conference F8 in 18. May 2017 Facebook announced that they would open their API`s so integrations like ours would work in Workplace. I can assure you that we were quite happy when we got the news that all our efforts were leading to a working product.

Like most startups, we made a lot of mistakes in the beginning, but things have gone a lot smoother since then. We launched our Beta for other Workplace users in June 2017 and received a lot of positive feedback. Over 50 companies requested to be a part of the closed Beta.

Today we are ecstatic about the fact that we signed a development agreement with Facebook and Workplace. The agreement means that we will be working with the Workplace team to help build a great ecosystem where integration partners can help companies get the most out of Workplace.

Why we chose Workplace?

There are other platforms out there with more hype and users. The reason why we love Workplace by Facebook is that we believe enterprise communication is lagging behind communication platforms we use in our private lives. Why should it take more time planning and discussing something at work (E-mail) than in your private life (Facebook)? A lot of people like myself used to spend 40-50% of my time reading and writing e-mails at work. Any measure to reduce that time is a great ROI for the companies in general. Workplace reduces time spent on e-mails drastically.

The main reason why we believe in Workplace is that it makes collaboration, innovation and work better. It gives everyone in the company a voice and makes you feel like you are a part of something bigger than the people you are e-mailing. We believe that Workplace gives your company a ❤️.

The fact that it works from day one and everyone knows how to use it is another great reason why more companies will switch to Workplace.

That being said, Workplace is not perfect and Prepp is an add-on that can help make Workplace even better.

Prepp: A Broadcast Chatbot and Workplace by Facebook Partner
Why Prepp?

Updating groups is not the ideal solution when sending need-to-know information to employees. Prepp is a broadcast chatbot that ensures higher read rates by sending messages directly to WorkChat. The sender can track and measure who is updated and who is not.

Use Prepp for sending:

- Warnings- Information

- Tasks

- Training


Prepp is now available to install as one of the first integration tailored for Workplace by Facebook. Prepp is available for all 14000 companies using Workplace.

Prepp works out-of-the-box without much time spent on integration or training.